Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our more frequently asked questions:

Is there a cost to have my child participate?
No. BridgeWhiz classes are offered free to participating students.

How are classes provided online?
Classes consist of both static content and a live session on the Shark Bridge platform with a teacher. The live session uses 8x8 Meet for audio and video. To access content, students log into the BridgeWhiz platform and go to the course they registered for. They can participate in the lessons with static content at any time. To attend a live class, click on the live link 10-15 minutes before the selected class time.

What age does my child have to be to participate?
Children in grades 4 through 12 can enroll in our Beginner Course.

Do I need to have an account with SharkBridge?
No, you do not need to set up an account with SharkBridge.

When are classes offered?
Classes are offered weekly. You will select your preferred day and time when you register.

How long is the BridgeWhiz course?
The BridgeWhiz course is offered in modules. The first module is 8 weeks long. Each live lesson is 90 minutes.

What if my student cannot make a class?
Bridge is a game where success is based on cumulative knowledge, so it is important that your child not miss a class. If your child cannot attend their scheduled class time, you can log in to the BridgeWhiz site and select a different class time for that week. You will be given the option to make that change permanent if there is a new conflict with the original class time.

What if my selected class falls on a holiday?
Classes that fall on national holidays or holiday school breaks will not be held.

How do you select teachers?
We have vetted and engaged top-notch bridge teachers and professionals who have prior experience teaching children and are proficient in the use of the SharkBridge teacher console.

Do you offer advanced courses?
Yes, as students graduate from the Basic Bridge course, they are offered the opportunity to register for the Improver course, followed by the intermediate course, and then the Advanced course. 

Are there tournaments similar to other extra-curricular sports tournaments?
Yes. There are opportunities for your student to compete for prizes in multiple BridgeWhiz online tournaments. The American Contract Bridge League also sponsors local, national, and international in-person youth tournaments.

Where are BridgeWhiz classes offered?
The BridgeWhiz live classes are offered online Monday -Thursday and Saturday. Classes are offered for North American time zones and the United Kingdom time zone. There is no restriction on where a student lives to register for BridgeWhiz. The only requirement is that a live class is offered in their time zone that they are able to attend.

Does the child's parent have to be a member of ACBL?
No. The BridgeWhiz course is open to any child in grades 4 through 12. Students are required to be an ACBL member to play in ACBL tournaments. All Basic Bridge graduates will be given a free one-year junior ACBL membership.

Do you have another question not answered here? Contact us and we'll get back to you shortly.