Bridge Enthusiasts in VA Promote Online Classes for Kids

BridgeWhiz is a new online program that brings kids together from around the world. Folks are hoping kids from Southwest Virginia will join the club.

See the full video here.

Join the WhizKids Bridge Club

The WhizKids Bridge Club meets every Sunday from 1- 3 pm PST, providing youth (ages 6 -17) at any skill level with casual moderated play. The goal is to ensure these students have a free, safe place to apply what they learned in BridgeWhiz class in a club setting while growing their love of the game. 

Currently there are 45 kids registered for the club and are loving it. Here are some comments from our youth members:

"It's really fun. And I love how everyone is supportive and it's OK to make mistakes."
- Katherine B.

"It's great to be able to chat with other kids while playing. The coaches are nice and give advice when you need it."
- Chris L.

More sessions are expected to be added as interest in the club grows. 

Please consider making a donation that will help grow our youth programs.

First BridgeWhiz Tournament Was Magical!

You can see it in your mind's eye: 192 online BridgeWhiz students across North America holding their breath, fingers poised over keyboards, excitedly awaiting the start of their first BridgeWhiz tournament on January 22, 2022.

And then, these young people, seated at 48 different Shark Bridge tables, were off and running, tackling 12 boards over the next two hours. After all, the top five N/S and E/W winners would each receive an Amazon Gift Card for their efforts.

“There was a constant stream of (online) chats at the tables, the kids encouraging each other with “GG” (good game) and “WD” (well done),” said Coach Diana Lack, the Director of the first BridgeWhiz Tournament. “They all appeared to have had fun.”

See the results here.